All of our tents are equipped with a refrigerator, where you can put all your own food in. There is also a heating device, a safety deposit box, a ventilator and a a device against uninvited guests in your tent such as flies and mosquitoes. Every day we come along with bed linen and towels, included in the price.

Our wholesome baker visits us every day. A phone call is all it takes to have your order delivered on the spot. A luxury breakfast can easily be arranged in the blink of an eye.

The local butcher in turn guarantees the best meat for the barbecue. This of course without any obligation.

The communal chalet is equipped with a genuine cooking stove, with oven and microwave, but don’t hesitate to make your stay extra cosy using the barbecues and fire baskets on the site. The material is waiting for you, only the coals and the meat you have to take with you.

Don’t feel like cooking? At a stone’s throw from Rosy Garden you will find two top restaurants, with menus to lick your fingers and thumbs. Rosy will be more than willing to show you the way. It is advisable to book these in advance, as they work with fresh products.