General terms and conditions

By making a reservation through our website an agreement is concluded if:

– You make the reservation details final;

– By making a reservation through our website you agree to our general terms and conditions and/or other conditions that apply;

– You click on the reservation button and the payment method has been checked and passed on;

The reservation

A reservation can be made via the website. After processing the reservation you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your reservation, containing your details, what you have reserved and what the total costs are. If the confirmation is not in your possession within five days after booking, you should contact us.

The tenant shall ensure that all data, which we indicate that they are necessary or which the tenant should reasonably understand that they are necessary for the execution of the reservation, are provided to Rosy Garden in a timely manner.

The risk of the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by the tenant is entirely for the account and risk of the tenant.

e-mail address and address changes should be communicated to us as soon as possible, but in any case before the change occurs.

We may assume that the address provided as well as the e-mail address are correct, until the tenant has communicated a new address by e-mail or telephone.

For confirmation of the reservation is required that the tenant is of age (eighteen years and older). The tenant is responsible and liable for all fellow travelers.

Our safari tents are equipped for a maximum of four people (two adults, two children and possibly a baby), one of which is a double bed and a bunk bed. The baby cot must be brought with you.

It is not allowed to exceed the maximum number of persons indicated. In this case, the glamping manager may refuse you access to the tent. You are not entitled to any compensation.

Contrary to the above provision, we and the glamping will be consulted beforehand to see if it is possible to add extra people to the reservation. This may incur additional costs. Without prior approval of the glamping it is not allowed to receive extra persons or to let them stay overnight.

When making a reservation through our website you can indicate your preferences. The preferences must be stated directly at the time of booking. We cannot give any guarantee for the execution of this. Any compensation for these preferences can be charged.

The payment

If you book less than four weeks before departure, you must immediately pay the full amount into our account number.

If you do not pay on time, a number of reminders will follow. If payment is not made within the set period(s), we reserve the right to hand over the claims to the judicial officer. Both the corresponding judicial and extrajudicial costs and the statutory interest are for the account of the tenant.

We also have the right to cancel the reservation in the event of late payment. The tenant is then liable for the extra costs incurred such as airline tickets, car rental, boat crossing, bus trips and the like.


During the year we can apply discounts on the rental prices of our tents.

Discounts are not applied retroactively to existing reservations.

We reserve the right to change or stop the discounts or discount offers at any time.

Travel information

Check-in at the glamping is possible from 16.00 hours on the agreed day of arrival. Check-out is at 10.00 am on the agreed day of departure. Please note that the above mentioned times may vary in some cases.

You must return the accommodation clean, tidy, complete and without damage on departure. So make sure you leave the BBQ clean and have done the dishes. This way, no extra costs will be charged.

We are not responsible for any costs incurred on our own initiative due to an early departure from an accommodation, for whatever reason.

For hygienic reasons pets are not allowed.


Rosy Garden is not responsible for accidents on either the pond or the glamping area. It is forbidden to swim in the pond, it is not potable water. We are not responsible for opening hours of third parties to which we refer, nor for any errors in our website.

We reserve the right to unilaterally change these Terms and Conditions. We will announce a proposed change to the e-mail address of the tenant known to us. Changes will take effect thirty days after this announcement.

Changes concerning the reservation

It may happen that you have to cancel your holiday due to unforeseen circumstances. A cancellation must always be communicated to us by e-mail. It is important to know that a cancellation can in many cases involve additional costs even in cases of force majeure.

As the main booker, you are responsible for taking out cancellation insurance (on time) and for settling the matter with the insurer. We will provide you with the reservation details if your insurer so requests.

If you have not taken out cancellation insurance, or if the reason for cancellation is not covered by the insurance policy of the insurance company, the reservation will be cancelled in accordance with these general terms and conditions. This means that in the situations described below, in addition to the reservation costs due and any insurance premium, you will owe the following amounts:

– For cancellation up to fifty days before the day of arrival: the amount of the deposit as shown in the booking confirmation;

– For cancellation from the fiftieth day (inclusive) until the twenty-eighth day before the day of arrival: 75% of the travel sum;

– Cancellation from the twenty-eighth day (inclusive) until the day of arrival or later: 100% of the total price.

In case of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances from our side, that before the arrival it appears that the accommodation is in such a condition that it is no longer suitable for rental, we can cancel the reservation. Examples are a natural disaster such as a forest fire and flooding or a double reservation and so on.

We will inform you of this in writing or by telephone, stating the reason. We will then make you an appropriate and equivalent offer at no extra cost. The offer depends on:

– The location

– Category of accommodation

– The available facilities

– Any preferences given to us at the time of reservation.

If we cannot offer you a suitable alternative or if you do not want to accept the alternative offered, we will refund the deposit already paid.

In the situation described above, we cannot be held liable for any services reserved/paid by you. This includes airline tickets, car rental, boat crossing, bus trips and the like.

In general, after confirming the reservation it is possible to make changes to the reservation up to seven days before the stay. This could include changes such as the number of persons or the addition of optional facilities.

If you wish to make any changes in any of the situations described below, these must be reported to us by the main booking officer.

In the event that one of the fellow travellers is prevented from travelling, the vacant seat can be taken by another person.

Adding an extra fellow traveller is only possible if this is allowed within the number of maximum allowed persons.

When the main booker is prevented, the vacated place can be taken by someone else within the reservation provided that the person is at least eighteen years old. The reservation can also be taken over entirely by another family. Taking over a reservation should always be passed on to Rosy Garden. It is possible that the relevant glamping assesses the change as a cancellation. In that case we are bound to charge the cancellation costs.

Violated glamping regulations

The tenant and his guests must comply with the rules that apply on the glamping. This also applies to the reception of visitors. We are not liable if the tenant has to leave the campsite due to nuisance and/or nuisance, after warning of the glamping owner.


We are not responsible for damage, loss and/or theft of goods or injuries suffered by the tenant or fellow tenants, regardless of the cause.

In addition, we are not liable for environmental factors such as noise, traffic, water and insect nuisance and weather conditions in any capacity whatsoever.

The tenant is liable for any damage to the tent and/or the inventory that has occurred during the tenant’s stay. Damage should be reported to Rosy Garden, who will determine what steps should be taken. If damage is not reported, we are entitled to hold the tenant liable for the damage suffered.

The tenant and his guests must comply with the rules that apply on the glamping. This also applies to receiving visitors. We are not liable if the tenant due to nuisance, after warning of the glamping owner, must leave the campsite.


All complaints may be emailed to Rosy Garden ( We try as much as possible to find a solution.