Our exclusive, sturdy tents are placed on the edge of a quiet, extensive pond, between the meadows and the greenery. The trees and bushes have been strategically planted to protect them from the wind. A canoe and a rowing boat are floating on the water, ready to be tested out. Feel free to bring your fishing gear, because the perches in the pond will challenge you into a game of rope pull. For a pleasant evening indoors, there are several board games available.

Three tents. No more. Because we want to preserve this exclusive setting for those who truly enjoy the outdoor life. This is how we guarantee the silence for true value seekers and the private atmosphere for those who love a cosy evening in good company.

Quality time for two or rather a weekend with the kids or in a group? Check our calendar to see when the tents (solo or all three at once) are available. Do you only want to book for 1 night? No problem! Just send us an email at info@rosygarden.be

For colder periods we provide a heater, flannel sheets and various pillows and blankets to warm your hands and feet.